Asian Variations
News and reviews surrounding the Chinese Chill free remix album

Week one…

The ball has started to roll and the first week saw the album downloaded about 300 times. Not bad going, considering that the official press release has not gone out yet.

I’ve spent the last two days mailing as many chillout/downtempo podcasts as I could find – mostly on live I’ve had a couple of positive responses, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the uptake is from that quarter.

J.C. Hutchens, author of the 7th Son Podiobook trilogy, has kindly agreed to play my promo for the album on his next episode. Considering 7th Son is the most popular podiobook in history, this kind of help is invaluable.

Chang Jui-chuan was featured in an article in the Taipei Times on Monday – he kindly provided a link to the Asian Variations website.

The first reviews from listeners are in on the album’s page on Jamendo – mostly in French, but I gather from google translations that they’ve been very favorable for the most part ;^)


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