Asian Variations
News and reviews surrounding the Chinese Chill free remix album


Gordon’s Suitcase (MoShang Remix) – Indevelopment (MoShang Asian Elaboration Mix)

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  • Intro: Cruisin’ Around Second Life (MoShang/Brad Reason) from the Asian Variation album
  • Remember the Name (MoShang/Fort Minor) from the Asian Variations album

Show 15: Autumn

Unquiet Desperation


Accident Hash #241 – The Road Ahead

Accident Hash


“Interview Jean Marais aka Moshang

Songs Played:
Gordon’s Suitcase: “Indevelopment” [Asian Elaboration Mix]
Lovespirals: “Motherless Child” [No Place Like Home Mix]
Chang Jui-chuan: “Hope Is Here” [Freedom Mix]
Akihiko Matsumoto & Chage: “Missing Pages Soundtrack” [Upstream Downstream Mix]
Kou Chou Ching: “Tiu Tiu Ssu Hsiang Chi” [Little DingDong Mix]

Songs Used for Background
Viba: “In the Orchard Lies a Secret” [Bonsai Mix]
Brad Reason: “Cruisin’ ‘Round Second Life” [Do Re Mix]”

Audio Gumshoe 84

Audio Gumshoe

Thanks for the interview, Rich – I think the show turned out great. It was great fun speaking to a fellow musician about the album ;^) [MoShang]


“I thought it would be fun to combine Watts’ voice with the music of someone who also combines Eastern and Western ideas — MoShang, whose released his new remix compilation, Asian Variations, under a Creative Commons license, so you can download it freely and share it with the rest of the world. You can get your copy of this compilation at […]”

Dave’s Lounge #93: East Meets West

Dave’s Lounge

Dave’s done something very rare and special here. I found it incredibly moving – obviously it couldn’t have been the music, since I literally must have heard it a thousand times before. It’s somewhere in the combination of Watts’ ideas with the music that something quite magical happens. Hats off to Dave for getting the balance exactly right here. And if I may just add, “WOW!!!!!!!!” (MoShang)


“Episode 14 of Expand Your Musical Horizons kicks off with an artist in Taiwan who goes by the name of MoShang. He’s released an album called “Asian Variations (Various Artists Remixed by MoShang),” which, as the name implies, features MoShang remixes of a number of talented electronica artists. […]”

Downtempo Podcast 14

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What a great evening the Taichung launch turned out to be! I had more than my usual moments of panic when I had to leave home and couldn’t get my newly made videos to work. The idea was that I would do two sets to frame Viba’s performance, and I had to scramble quickly during the last couple of days to get my first short set together. An emergency re-encoding of the short set did the trick eventually and I arrived in the nick of time for the setup.

The evening started out slowly and by the time I went on to do my first set, we had a tiny audience of about 10 close friends. Thankfully, people kept coming in throughout the evening, and we eventually managed to to give away 90 copies of the album at the door as people came in.

I want to say a big thank you to Viba for making the trip down from Taipei with his family – it wouldn’t have been half as much fun without his contribution. Viba eventually did two sets for the enthusiastic audience. A big thanks also to Patrick and Roger of Grooveyard for hosting us (Viba and I will probably be back at Grooveyard in October) – you’ve got to love a venue run by professional musicians; their passion for music shines through! And another thank you to Mark Forman who came with his son Kevin and made a very cool video of the first part of my set – watch it here. I’ve added some pictures from the launch here.

With the success of the Taichung launch, I’m looking forward all the more to the Taipei launch on September 29th. It’s bound to be a great party with performances by Viba, Kou Chou Ching, Chang Jui-chuan and myself.


Thanks so much to DJ Patrick Scientific for playing tracks from Asian Variations on The Audio Infusion on WEAA.


“This week we offer up some great free music from Moshang with two songs to warm up to from his latest remix release Asian Variations that you can download from his site. […]

Warm It Up
00:18 Andre van RensburgYou and Me (MoShang Under the Speaker Tree Mix)
03:19 LovespiralsMotherless Child (MoShang No Place Like Home Mix)

Cadence Revolution